...bringing SEXY blogs back.

...bringing SEXY blogs back.


NMA does Beyonce's Pregnancy

So NMA (the same Taiwanese news outfit that brought us the HILARIOUS Tiger Woods animated video retelling of his beatdown) have given Beyonce's pregnancy announcement the same treatement.
My favorite part is Kanye's appearance and sign.  Enjoy.


SEXYBLACK INTRO: Mac Miller -- Frick Park Market

I've had my eye on this kid for a minute, making sure he was FRESH enough for you... If you saw it on Sexyblack Sugar Beats, you know what that means...

Sniped from www.theqside.com.

George Michael Tributes Amy Winehouse

One of the best singers to come out of Britain in the 80s pays tribute to one of the best singers to come out of Britain this century by singing my favorite song of hers...Wait for it.  It's beautiful.


SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK EXCLUSIVE: Underworld: Awakening Trailer!!!

One of the better Vampire features returns with it's original star, Kate Beckinsale.  This franchise made her career as an action star.  She met her husband doing the first one, but she bowed out for the third.  Although I am a little concerned about the release date, I must remember that the Underworld's WITH Kate Beckinsale have never let me down before and I think they all had January release dates.  Nonetheless, Kate Beckinsale is making her comeback, following her vampire vehicle up with Total Recall.  Who's going?


SEXYBLACK INTRO: Candy Coated Killahz "Light Up This City"

So, this is not normally my speed, but my friend, Pasha shot this video for this new group coming out of the T-Dot.  For a Canadian product, the track, the energy, and the video is right up there!  I really like this concept, the execution is brilliant, and the idea is FRESH!  Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy the Candy Coated Killahz


So, 702 had an amazing debut with "No Doubt".  This album was probably their best with hits like "Steelo" and "Get It Together".  They had alot of promise, but pregnancies, and other drama ended the group.  I miss them.  The music of the 90's IS making a comeback.  Time to do your homework.

Sniped from www.Guavaleaf.com


GREAT NEW Chromeo video! "When The Night Falls"

With a random cameo by Solange Knowles, this video has the type of creativity that videos used to have back in the day.  I LOVE IT. 



Chris Brown's "Boy In Detention" Mixtape in it's entirety.

For you to listen to and download.  You're welcome. BTW, I haven't listened to this yet, so I am not endorsing it at this time.  Once I check it out, I will put my thoughts out there.  Why don't you tell me what you think for once?



SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN: Chris Brown ft. Kevin McCall -- Strip (HOT!)

This track is off Chris Brown's new mixtape which I hope is better than his album that everybody seems to like but me.  THIS track suggests that this upcoming mixtape is VERY promising.  Check out "Strip":


New Nicole Scherzinger Video -- "Wet"

<a href='http://video.msn.com?vid=6d71b53f-4767-4e31-9bf1-04cec0a5626f&amp;mkt=en-gb&amp;src=FLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='Exclusive: Nicole Scherzinger - Wet' >Video: Exclusive: Nicole Scherzinger - Wet</a>
What do you think?


Amazing new video by Best Coast directed by Drew Barrymore

"Our Deal" is loosely based on "West Side Story" and stars Chloe Moretz and Donald Glover (Community).
I like how stylistic this video is, and the song alot.  Enjoy.


Michael's Nephew makes his TV debut...

What do you think?

SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN: Travis Garland, Jojo, Bridget Kelly, Rochelle Jordan, Chris Brown

Travis Garland -- Paint (w/ Jojo) [SEXYBLACK'S PICK!!!]

Bridget Kelly -- Thinking About Forever (written by Frank Ocean)

Rochelle Jordan -- Sing (w/ Jon Connor)

Chris Brown -- I Love Her

SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK EXCLUSIVE: Red Tails Trailer starring Cuba Gooding Jr. & Terrence Howard

Finally, we have a release date....
Thank you George Lucas.  This movie has been a long time in the making and was completed almost two years ago.  Finally, it is coming out.  The retelling of the real life story of the Tuskegee Airmen.  The movie by the same name was also pretty impressive.

Sniped from Guavaleaf.