...bringing SEXY blogs back.

...bringing SEXY blogs back.


SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK: Rita Ora's "Shine Ya Light" Video

Rita Ora goes back home to do it to you one more time.  Enjoy:

I said it the first time I saw her over a year ago.  This girl is going to be HUGE!


SEXYBLACK Hallowe'en EXCLUSIVE: Colin Berry's "Prick"

About a year ago, I introduced you to my friend, Colin C. Berry's short film "Prick" with an alluring, visually stunning trailer.  Well this Hallowe'en, after a year of successful festival runs, Colin has been nice enough to allow all of us to see his Masterpiece in it's entirety.  Please watch and enjoy this early Hallowe'en Haunt, "Prick":

SEXYBLACK SPECIAL THROWBACK: Blaque's "808" -- R.I.P. Natina Reed

It has recently been reported that Natina Reed, the rapper from the R&B group Blaque was killed last night in a hit and run in Atlanta.  I was a fan of this group growing up.  They were introduced to the world by Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez of TLC.  At one point, Blaque was considered heiresses to the TLC throne.


Oddly enough, Left-Eye, who Natina idolized and modelled her performance style after, was also killed in a car accident in Honduras.

Like Left-Eye, Natina was the most memorable character of the group because of the way she attacked her lyrics and presented herself.  She would've been 33 tomorrow and is survived by her 12 year old son and his father, Kurupt.

R.I.P. Natina Reed


Bobby Brown Serenades Karyn White in Japan in 1989

I was all up in Bobby Brown and Karyn White at the time, as they were two of R&B's most dynamic performers in the late 80s and early 90s, but who knew that they were actually together?  Watch Bobby perform his best slow jam, "Rock Wit'Cha", amazingly all while exciting the exciter (Karyn White).  This is a piece of history right here:

SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK EXCLUSIVE: Marsha Ambrosius' "F*ck N Get It Over With" Music Video

Marsha is a dope singer, in my opinion one of the best out there, but she is also known for her outstanding song-writing, and going places where others dare not go.  Her new single is no exception.  We have all been there.  We can all relate to "F*ck N Get It Over With" once you realize you've come to the end of the road with someone you love, but can't be with for one reason or another.  This song takes an honest look at the human emotion that many of us can relate to when we get to this point. Truth is, love makes us do some crazy things, and feel some crazy things.  Marsha is just being honest about it.  If you can get over the hook, listen to the words and feel the longing in this song.  Also watch the video below to see Marsha looking the best we've seen her in a while and stay tuned til the end (trust me).  Enjoy "F*ck N Get It Over With"


Azealia Banks' "Luxury" Music Video

Azealia cleans it up for the hypnotic "Luxury"

SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN MEGA-POST: Marques Houston, Miguel, Diddy, French Montana, Brandy, Faith Evans, Kelly Price, Fantasia, Ne-Yo, Wiz Khalifa, Stooshe, Solange, Ashanti, R. Kelly, Rihanna, Brian Culbertson, Stokely Carmichael

Marques Houston -- Speechless (HOT!)

Miguel -- Adorn (DJ Tedsmooth Remix w/ Diddy & French Montana) [SEXYBLACK PICK!!!!]

Brandy -- Let Me Go

Faith Evans -- True Colors (Cover w/ Kelly Price & Fantasia)

Brandy -- No Such Thing As Too Late

Ne-Yo -- Don't Make 'Em Like You (w/ Wiz Khalifa)

Stooshe -- Waterfalls (Cover)

Solange -- Sleep In The Park

Ashanti -- That's What We Do (w/ R. Kelly) [HOT!!!]

Rihanna -- Diamonds

R. Kelly -- Single Ladies (Feelin' Single Remix)

Brian Culbertson -- No Limits (w/ Stokely Carmichael) (HOT!!)


SEXYBLACK THROWBACK of the MONTH: Gladys Knight & The Pips "You Are The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me"

My mom owned two records that I listened to before I started collecting my own.  One was George Benson's "In Your Eyes" album with his rendition of Roberta Flack's "Feel Like Making Love" and the other was Gladys Knight and the Pips "The Best Of" with "Midnight Train To Georgia", "The Way We Were" and "You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me".  I was like 7.  And these were the songs that helped formulate my ideas of love and heartbreak.  Yes, at that young age.  The old cliche stands:  They don't make them like this anymore.  I made a tape of the best songs from these two albums, I still listen to it.  It reminds me of 188 Ryerson Rd., in Lethbridge, Alberta, and the wood grain record player that we had in the family room.  I remember feeling good about being alive and excited about a world that could produce such great talent and music.  It was a good thing.  Probably one of the best things that ever happened to me.  Take a look through the window at my life, pretend you're hearing beauty like this for the first time... maybe you'll see what I see...

"If anyone should ever write my life story, for whatever reason there might be,
You'd be there 'tween every line of pain and glory, because you're the best thing that ever happened to me." 



And now the trailer for one of the weirdest, funniest, amazing movies I've ever seen at the Toronto International Film Festival.  The trailer is good, but it does not do this movie justice.  When it comes out, wherever you are, go see John Dies At The End.  You think you know what it's about, but you really don't.

SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK: The Lone Ranger Trailer starring Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is not who you think he is in this movie.  Who's going?


SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK: Solange Knowles' "Losing You" Music Video

Let me tell you why this works (I've figured it out).  First of all it's a GREAT song, it just MOVES.  Second, we love Solange BECAUSE we love Beyonce.  Beyonce is an entity that is perfect, flawless, and a Supernova.  We love Solange because she is like an unpolished Beyonce.  She is raw.  And "black-girl-lost-and-found".  She is unapologetic and makes her music and her videos for just her while Beyonce makes them for the world.  And in being this kind of 2nd hand Beyonce she has etched a special place in all of our hearts.  Now, we WANT her to win, DESPERATELY.  Because we always root for the underdog.  That's why Frank Ocean is so huge.  And WIN she does with her new song and video, "Loosing You".  Solange may just eclipse her sister, even if it's just for a moment with this one.  And yes, it is THAT good.  See for yourself: