...bringing SEXY blogs back.

...bringing SEXY blogs back.


The First 2 "Official" Releases from Beyonce's Self-Titled Release: "Blow" & "Drunk In Love" w/ Jay-Z + 6 More Videos!!

As a package, this new Beyonce record is a must-own.  No artist in the history of music has dared to launch a project in this way.  14 tracks.  17 videos.  Great price point.  Full experience.  Full immersion.  True art.  Buy it.  Here's a taste.

Blow (SO HOT!!!)

Drunk In Love (w/ Jay-Z)

Grown Woman
Beyoncé - Grown Woman (Video) from Nathan Junior on Vimeo.

Rocket (HOTTTT!!!!)
Beyoncé - Rocket (Video) from Nathan Junior on Vimeo.

Flawless (Bow Down) feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche
Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche) - Beyoncé from Dean Lubaki on Vimeo.

Yoncé - Beyoncé from Dean Lubaki on Vimeo.

Mine (feat. Drake)
Mine (feat. Drake) - Beyoncé from Dean Lubaki on Vimeo.

XO (HOT!!!!)


Childish Gambino does a Stupid Crazy Beat and Freestyle on Tim Westwood

This guy continues to amaze.  Two weeks ago in Trinity Bell Woods Park in Toronto, he sat on a park bench for two hours with a boom box and played his new album to thousands of adoring fans and then took questions.  This week, he went to England and crafted a sick beat and then actually freestyled, all in about two minutes.  Check it:


Amazing video from Thirty Seconds To Mars starring everyone -- "City of Angels"

This is a love song to Los Angeles... but it's also a tale of heartbreak starring Kanye West, Lindsay Lohan, James Franco, and a host of others.
I love this.


Toni Braxton & Babyface's first single "Hurt You"

So I guess I'm a little late on this, but Toni Braxton & Babyface (my personal favorite) are putting out a duet album in the next few weeks!!!!!  What!!!??  Together these two are responsible for classics like "Another Sad Love Song", "Breathe Again" and "How Could An Angel Break My Heart?"  This is seriously happening, check this out:

And here's the debut single from the album.

Something about this feels perfect.

"That Awkward Moment" Trailer starring Zac Efron & Brandon T. Jackson

Red Band Trailer (NSFW)
This movie actually looks pretty good.


SEXYBLACK BATTLE: Which Lorde Cover Do You Like Best? Pentatonix vs. Mayer Hawthorne

No other single has been covered on the internet this much since "Someone That I Used To Know".  Submitted for your supreme judgement, I present two covers of 16 year old, Lorde's number 1 single, "Royals".  The first, by the AMAZING Acapella group, Pentatonix (winners of NBC's "The Singoff"), check it out:

Next up, Mayer Hawthorne's jazzy, lounge version:

Hit up the comment box to let me know which one you like best.


SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK EXCLUSIVE: Janelle Monae & Miguel in "Primetime"

This is one of the best songs on the album.  It has it's own feel, and now there are lovely visuals to go with it.  Enjoy:


Convos With My 2-Year-Old - "Make The Bed"

I love this series.  Clever.

J. Cole's moving video for "Crooked Smile" feat. TLC

Powerful stuff.

John Legend's "All Of Me" Video

This song was written for John's wife, Chrissy Teigen.  Appropriately she stars in the video with him, and this video is simply beautiful.  It's Love.  Enjoy...

Capital Cities' "Kangaroo Court" Video

My boy, Quddus, puts me on to some great stuff sometimes.  Check out this amazing video from Capital Cities called "Kangaroo Court" which shows what happens when a zebra tries to sneak into a night club (just go with it -- you won't be disappointed -- plus the song is catchy as f$%k).

Sniped from www.theqside.com.



So, remember Missy's 2002 "Work It" Music Video?  Around the 2:28 mark in the video, there was the cute little white girl with sick moves.  Fast forward 11 years.  Ladies and Gentlemen, don't you love when they grow up all nice and skilled like this?  Introducing Alyson Stoner:

Check out where it first started for her back in 2002:

Sniped from www.theqside.com

Jojo Performs SWV's "Weak" Live

So she recently did a show, and the band all packed up, but the crowd wanted an encore... the rest is history.
In case you forgot, Jojo is the Truth.


SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK: RaVaughn's "Best Friend" Music Video

Ne-Yo's new artist finally has a video for her smash "Best Friend" and it works the way an accompanying music video should (I'm talking to you, Drake).  Check it out, below:


SEXYBLACK DOWNLOAD: Dan-e-o's "Immortal" EP

Dan-e-o is not only one of the premier lyricists in the whole nation of Cana-d-a, he is also a friend.  This right here is the type of flow and swag I've been waiting for from him.  Have a listen, and if you like this amazeballs 6-track EP, go one and download it for FREE.  Make your music collection shine that much brighter.  Press play and become Immortal:



What's old is new again... seems like everything comes back around.  Whatchu know 'bout Robocop?
Sidenote:  I auditioned for a role in this movie, it was shot here.  I didn't get it... obvi.  Not mad at that, the release date is Feb 2014 (and we all know what that means).


SEXYBLACK THROWBACK: Take 6 performs "You Can Never Ask Too Much Of Love" with David Foster

Some people don't know that Take 6 is the best acapella group of all time.  In this performance, they got a little help from some instruments (David Foster on the keys), but you can still hear the skill and this is one of their most beautiful songs.  Enjoy:


John Legend's "Made To Love" Music Video

Although, I'm not too keen on the song, the video is hauntingly beautiful:

Love In the Future is in stores on September 3.

Tamia & Grant Hill cover Frank Ocean's "Thinkin' 'Bout You"

Tamia.  Is.  The.  Best.
Guess we know what Grant Hill plans to do with retirement.

Marques Houston's "Only You" Music Video

The album is not bad.  On this standout track, Marques takes on a classic Marvin Gaye hit and makes it his own.  Check out "Only You":

SEXYBLACK THROWBACK #2: Prince's "Little Red Corvette"

...baby, you're just too fast.
Can you believe there are still some people in the world who don't get this??... I feel sorry for them.

Sniped at Guavaleaf.com


SEXYBLACK THROWBACK: Boyz II Men performs "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye" on Arsenio

First, this was an amazing time for black music.  There was Motown, and then there was the 90s.  People of different ages that I talk to, all know about the emergence of urban music in the 90s.  We remember it fondly, some of us more than others.  I wish, so much, that the vibe, the feeling, the freshness of the music of that time could come back on a global scale.
Second, the TV show that helped fuel the phenomenon returns this month.  Arsenio Hall had me begging my parents to let me stay up late to watch, Boyz II Men, Jodeci, New Edition, and so many of my other heroes.  If Arsenio does anything upon his renaissance, I hope he stays true to the spirit and leadership he had in bringing real music to the masses.


SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN EXCLUSIVE: The Foreign Exchange's "Call It Home/Pity"

Never missing a beat, Chris Morgan's newly discovered favorite group (I tried to tell him about them years ago), The Foreign Exchange are back with a new single.  On this two for one joint, Phonte and Nickolay are in top form (as usual) as they continue to create unique Neo-Electro-Soul.  The new album is called "Love In Flying Colours" and will be released September 24.  Don't sleep on this (don't be a Chris).  Enjoy.


Justin Timberlake blows up your computer screen...

To pay me back personally for a wasted Legends of The Summer show (WITH NO DANCING), Justin Timberlake single-handedly delivered the most amazing 15 and a half minutes of television in a decade... In case you missed it, Sexyblack delivers.  Enjoy:


Talib Kweli's "Human Mic" Music Video

If you don't have Talib Kweli's new album, Prisoner of Conscious, you don't have one of the best Hip Hop releases of the year.


SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN: Beyonce, Mr. Vegas, Luke James, Daley, Ariana Grande, Robin Thicke, Ron Isley, Trey Songz

Beyonce -- Standing On The Sun (Remix w/ Mr. Vegas)

Luke James -- One Of A Kind (HOT!!)

Daley -- Broken

Ariana Grande -- Baby I (HOT!!)

Robin Thicke -- Ooo La La (HOT!!)

Ron Isley -- Lay you Down (w/ Trey Songz) [HOT!!!]

The Best Man Holiday Trailer starring the Entire Original Cast of The Best Man

Somehow, I missed the trailer premiere, but here it is...
Looks amazing.  Can people just agree that New Edition is the best R&B Group of all time at this point?

Sniped from Guavaleaf.com

Roommate Song

Roommate Song - watch more funny videos      

SEXYBLACK INTRO: Jeremy Passion & Tori Kelly Cover Brandy & Wanya Morris' "Brokenhearted" Perfectly

Almost as good as the original.  Follow them at @jeremypassion and @torikelly.


SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK EXCLUSIVE: "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" starring Idris Elba

Normally, I would put the word Oscar in a production like this, however, the release date has me skeptical.  Regardless, this could be beautiful.
Check it out:


DJ Jazzy Jeff & MICK -- Summertime Vol.4 Mixtape

DJ Jazzy Jeff put your favorites on a Summertime Jam for you.  Don't thank me, the boy, Quddus, put me on to it, and now I'm giving it to you.  Enjoy.


SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK EXCLUSIVE (T-DOT EDITION): Maestro & Kardinal Offishall's "Dearly Departed" Music Video

Maestro was the first huge rapper out of the T-Dot, paving the way for Kardinal, Sauks, Dan-E-O & ultimately, Drake.  Maestro has finally made a long-awaited notable return with help from Kardi.  This track MOVES.


SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK: Jason Sudekis & Jennifer Aniston in "We're The Millers"

SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN: Ciara, Nicki Minaj, Robin Thicke, The Dream, Beyonce, 2 Chainz, Mario, K. Michelle

BANGERS -- all of em.  Summer's coming....

Ciara -- I'm Out (w/ Nicki Minaj) [HOT!]

Robin Thicke -- 4 The Rest Of My Life [HOT!!!]

The Dream -- Turnt (w/ Beyonce & 2 Chainz [HOT!!]

Beyonce -- Grown Woman [SEXYBLACK PICK!]

Mario -- Somebody Else (w/ Nicki Minaj) [HOT!!!]

K. Michelle -- V.S.O.P. [HOT!!!!!!]


SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK EXCLUSIVE: If you have ever watched and enjoyed a Star Trek film, watch this...

All 12 movies in one incredibly glorious trailer.   Perfectly executed.  Thank you.  Can't wait to see Into Darkness tomorrow night.


Pacific Rim FULL Trailer...

Get your first look at the Pacific Rim trailer that will be shown in front of Star Trek:  Into Darkness...


John Legend's new (NSFW) video for "Who Do We Think We Are?"

Artsy.  I'm just glad he's back.  His new album "Love In The Future" comes out in a matter of weeks.  Here's what John says about his choice to release an explicit version of the video:

If you don’t wanna see the explicit version, we do have a little more tame version, even though I think the explicit version is beautifully done and not raunchy in any way, but if people are scared of by a little bit of nudity, then we have an alternate version which is online as well. But the concept is, the song is about embracing a risk, not being afraid to live life to the fullest, not being afraid to luxuriate and enjoy your success. And so we definitely have a lot of those elements in the video; it is a bit risky, it is sexy, it is beautiful, it is artistic, it embraces luxury and a bit of decadence, and that was the concept we felt worked for the song. I feel really proud, the end product is really beautifully and artistically well done. And I’m not complimenting myself! (laughs) I’m complementing the director when I talk about it cause I feel like he did a great job of capturing something that I thought was really gorgeous.

Read more: http://singersroom.com/content/2013-05-09/EXCLUSIVE-John-Legend-Talks-New-Album-Film-Ventures-NBA-Predictions-Marriage-More/#ixzz2T2wKgQcA

Ciara's "Body Party"

Now, I normally don't post Ciara, because I've been waiting for her to drop something undeniable.  Something that confirms her talent.  This "Body Party" joint and video make the cut.  Now, Ciara, just stay up.  I'm rooting for you.  Check it out.
Sniped at www.Guavaleaf.com.


SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN: Tamar Braxton, Jaheim, Miguel, Mariah Carey, Luke James, Bridget Kelly

Tamar Braxton -- The One (Hot) [SEXYBLACK PICK]

Jaheim -- Age Ain't A Factor

Mariah Carey & Miguel -- Beautiful

Luke James -- I.O.U. (Remix) w/ Bridget Kelly


Real Talk from Jada Pinkett-Smith about Individuals in Relationships

SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN MEGA-POST: Ron Isley, Divine Brown, The World Famous Tony Williams, Kanye West, Ashanti, John Legend, Rick Ross, Emeli Sande, India Arie, Eric Benet, 2 Chainz, Beyonce

Ron Isley -- Dinner And A Movie (SMOOTH)

Divine Brown -- Leave Him Alone (T-Dot Represent!)

The World Famous Tony Williams -- Another You (Remix) Ft. King Chip, Freddie Gibbs & Kanye West

Ashanti -- Never Should Have

John Legend -- Who Do We Think We Are (w/ Rick Ross) [SEXYBLACK PICK!!!]

Emeli Sande & Rick Smith -- Here It Comes

India.Arie -- Cocoa Butter

John Legend -- The Beginning (HOT!)

Eric Benet -- News For You (Remix w/ 2 Chainz) [HOTTT!!!!!]

Beyonce -- Bow Down (I Been On)




Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie" Lyric Video

Let me show you a few things...

SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK: RED 2 Trailer starring Bruce Willis

For those of you who didn't see RED with Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren a couple of years ago, you missed a good one.  This summer, the sequel comes to you in theatres.  I really liked the first one.  Check the trailer below and make sure you see RED soon so we can go to the sequel together.



SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK: Spring Breakers Trailer starring James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez

I was lucky enough to catch Spring Breakers at TIFF last year.  It's a very interesting movie by the same director, Harmony Korine, that brought you the raw Docu-drama, Kids that launched Rosario Dawson's career.  This movie takes actors that you think you know and asks them to play their antitheses.  Selena Gomez grows up in this film.  Vanessa Hudgens does an amazing acting job and taps into her dark side in a well-executed way.  But once again, James Franco, proves that he can do anything, and perfectly pulls off a white-trash rapper from the South.  Despite what you've seen in the media and the exuberance of the poster above, this is a VERY dark movie.  One of the darkest I've seen, with a very explosive ending.  If you're interested in anti-films (films that break the rules of it's predecessors) you will enjoy Spring Breakers.  The direction is real, and the shooting is raw.  Halfway through, it may not even matter that these girls have been in their bikinis the entire time, because you would've seen other stuff that is more shocking.  I enjoyed Spring Breakers for it's creativity.  It's different.  Very different.  Check the trailer below.


SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN EXCLUSIVE: Justin Timberlake!!!!, Jay-Z, Destiny's Child!!!!, Avant

Justin Timberlake -- Suit & Tie (w/ Jay-Z) [HOT!!!! -- SEXYBLACK PICK]

Destiny's Child -- Nuclear [HOT!!! -- SEXYBLACK PICK]

Avant -- Best Friend