...bringing SEXY blogs back.

...bringing SEXY blogs back.


SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN EXCLUSIVE: The Foreign Exchange's "Call It Home/Pity"

Never missing a beat, Chris Morgan's newly discovered favorite group (I tried to tell him about them years ago), The Foreign Exchange are back with a new single.  On this two for one joint, Phonte and Nickolay are in top form (as usual) as they continue to create unique Neo-Electro-Soul.  The new album is called "Love In Flying Colours" and will be released September 24.  Don't sleep on this (don't be a Chris).  Enjoy.


Justin Timberlake blows up your computer screen...

To pay me back personally for a wasted Legends of The Summer show (WITH NO DANCING), Justin Timberlake single-handedly delivered the most amazing 15 and a half minutes of television in a decade... In case you missed it, Sexyblack delivers.  Enjoy:


Talib Kweli's "Human Mic" Music Video

If you don't have Talib Kweli's new album, Prisoner of Conscious, you don't have one of the best Hip Hop releases of the year.