...bringing SEXY blogs back.

...bringing SEXY blogs back.


Press the Red Button


  • Farewell My Summer Love by Michael Jackson -- It's been a year without Michael, and it's the first day of Summer.  I always loved this song.  It really captures the tender feeling of young love.

  • Never Can Say Goodbye by The Jackson Five -- Still can't say goodbye to Michael.  Classic.

  • Camouflage by Brandy -- Brandy recently admitted to not being focussed on her last album, Human.  She is right.  That album wasn't the greatest, but this song did stand out.

  • The Morning Papers by Prince -- One of my all time FAVORITE Prince songs.  Lyrically amazing:  "Should we ask the moonlight on your face, or the raindrops in your hair?  Or should we ask the man who wrote it there in The Morning Papers?"  Amazing guitar solo, as usual.

  • Faster by Janelle Monae -- This album (Archandroid) is one of the best of the year by far.  It is SO Creative!!!!  For those who are curious, here's a sampling.  By far not the best track, but it gives a good impression of what the rest of the album is.  Janelle is a superstar.

  • This Is Us by Keyshia Cole -- This is just a good song.

  • Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart by Alicia Keys -- One of my favorite songs of last year.  The other was Maxwell's Pretty Wings.  These two songs stood out as the most memorable of 2009.

  • She Wants Me by Dru Hill -- This song reminds of How Deep.  A little sample of the upcoming InDruPendence Day.

  • Take It From Here by Justin Timberlake -- Another classic joint from his classic Justified release.
    Justin Timberlake - Justified - 04 - Take It From Here.mp3

So I've taken the Autoplay off, because some people complained that they could get in trouble at work or something.  So to make your day better by listening to any of those tracks, just push either red button on the vintage Nintendo controller.  For volume up or down, click on the up or down arrow.  To change tracks, click on the left or right arrows.  Enjoy.  Again, feedback is encouraged and welcome.