...bringing SEXY blogs back.

...bringing SEXY blogs back.


I Love Music...

Louisa Wendorff, is an up & coming Nashville Artist who got together with her friend, Devin Dawson to record an AMAZING of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" & "Style" of her acclaimed "1989" album. Do yourself a favour,... just press play.


SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK: Luke James hits you where it hurts with "Exit Wounds"

Video By Singersroom.com
So.... I've heard the new album, and other than Options, this is the most potent song in the collections and I'm glad it got the video treatment.

I told you that Luke James had next over a year ago.  His debut album hits stores in two weeks.  Go out and BUY it and support real music, real art, real emotion.... just real.  If Options didn't convince you, Exit Wounds will.

SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK: Elle Varner Returns (FINALLY) with "Don't Wanna Dance"

This is my new favorite song.  The video is sweet, too.



As promised, months ago, here is my EXCLUSIVE interview with my boy, Nasri, from MAGIC!

Nasri has been one of my best friends for almost 15 years.  This year has been so crazy for him and his bandmates, Magic!  In April, before all the Globetrotting, he came home for a showcase.  He sat down with me in our normal stomping ground, his basement, and I got the exclusive on how he feels about being a member of a band, what the future holds and even dropped a couple of impromptu performances of NEW Magic! material as well as a piece of a classic Nasri throwback.  

Please keep in mind this was at like 1:30 in the morning and we were both dead tired.

Check it out... and don't forget to buy the album "Don't Kill The Magic" on iTunes:  

Check out my favourite acoustic performance of "Rude" by Magic!:

Also check out the lyric video for the new single which is also my favorite on the album, "Let Your Hair Down".  The video is an ode to God's most wondrous creation, Woman.  Ladies, watch until the very end, thank me later:


SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN: Luke James returns with "Dancing In The Dark"

Luke drops another gem to get us ready for his self-titled debut that will be in stores on September 23.  Check out "Dancing In The Dark"...


It's too late to back this film, but check out this Kickstarter video & Kung Fury Trailer

I recently helped to back the Kickstarter, crowd-funded feature film, Wish I Was Here, by Zach Braff & his brother.  It was an AMAZING success.  It takes the studio influence on the art out of the picture and returns it to the artists.  Studios only become engaged in the distribution part, which means we get complete projects that stay true to the artist's vision.  

I recently helped fund a Reading Rainbow Outreach campaign by Levar Burton that had a goal of $1,000,000 in 30 days.  Because of their video and what they were pledging to do with Reading Rainbow, they reached $2,500,000 in like 3 days.  It was crazy!  

Wish I Was Here was fantastic, and I can say that I was a part of that success.  But to get people involved in your creative idea, you have to be equally creative.  It's too late to fund Night of the Living Deb, but this is probably the best Kickstarter Campaign video I have ever seen.  Check it out:

Kickstarter success will also bring you Kung Fury:

Hella awesome.


SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN: Sergio Mendes, John Legend, WQRL, Luke James, Johnny Gill, Hi-Five, Tank

Sergio Mendes -- Don't Say Goodbye (ft. John Legend) [NICE!]

Video By Singersroom.com

WQRL (Wingo from Jagged Edge, Q. Parker from 112, RL from Next) -- All I Want Is You [HOTTT!!!]

Video By Singersroom.com

Luke James -- Stay With Me (Sam Smith Cover) [HOTTT!!!]

Video By Singersroom.com

Johnny Gill -- Behind Closed Doors

Hi-Five -- It's Nothing

Video By Singersroom.com

Tank -- Hope This Makes You Love Me [SEXYBLACK PICK]

Video By Singersroom.com


SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK: Life After Beth Starring Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey's always good times.  Who's going?

Sniped from Guavaleaf.com

SEXYBLACK INTRO: Jade Novah sings the perfect Whitney Houston Tribute Medley

This came out of nowhere from newcomer Jade Novah.  It's been two years since Whitney left us, but she is alive in this medley.  There are big things in Ms. Novah's future and she seems up to the task.  Check it out:


Kyle Lowry & Gilbert Arenas Coach the BallUp Game

You remember the And 1 Mix Tape videos don't you.  Just because they don't make And 1s anymore doesn't mean the madness stops... check it out:


SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN SUMMERTIME MEGAPOST: NEW MUSIC from Jagged Edge, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Usher, Rick Ross, Robin Thicke, Faith Evans, Missy Elliott, Jhene Aiko, Cassandra Lucas, Andreena, Marsha Ambrosius, Dr. Dre, Goapele, Tank, Day 26, Chauncey Black, & Mary J. Blige

Jagged Edge -- Hope (HOTT!!!!)

Video By Singersroom.com

Trey Songz -- Sneaky

Video By Singersroom.com

Chris Brown -- New Flame (w/ Usher & Rick Ross) [HOTTTT!!!!]
Robin Thicke -- Get Her Back (DJ Mustard Remix)

Video By Singersroom.com

Faith Evans -- I Deserve It (w/ Missy Elliott)

Video By Singersroom.com

Jhene Aiko -- To Love And Die

Video By Singersroom.com

Cassandra Lucas (from Changing Faces) -- Let Me Go (HOTTT!!!!)

Video By Singersroom.com

Andreena -- Do It All Again (HOTTT!!!!) [T-Dot Represent!!]

Video By Singersroom.com

Marsha Ambrosius -- Stronger (w/ Dr. Dre) [HOTTT!!!!]

Video By Singersroom.com

Goapele -- Hey Boy

Video By Singersroom.com

Tank -- Stronger (HOT!!!)

Video By Singersroom.com

Day 26 -- Lose Control (Silk Cover) [SEXYBLACK PICK!!!]

Video By Singersroom.com

Chauncey Black -- Headboard Knockin'

Video By Singersroom.com

Mary J. Blige -- Vegas Nights (ft. The Dream)

Video By Singersroom.com


Somehow, the "Annie" Trailer starring Quvenzhané Wallis & Jamie Foxx slipped through the cracks...

This was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid (possibly my favorite).  The music alone is worth the price of admission.  Thankfully, Will Smith took my director's note and kept Willow out of the title role.  This is an all star-cast with what looks to be great modernization of a classic.  I can't wait for this one! 


SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN: Meelah, Jazmine Sullivan, Eric Benet, Jazz, Diggy Simmons, Trevor Jackson, Calvin Harris, The Roots, Raheem DeVaughn

Meelah -- Give It To You (w/ Musiq Soulchild) [HOT!]

Jazmin Sullivan -- Dumb (w/ Meek Mill)

Eric Benet -- Almost Paradise (w/ Ailee) [Classic Remake]

Jazz (of Dru Hill) -- Baby Let's Go

Diggy Simmons -- My Girl (w/ Trevor Jackson) [SEXYBLACK PICK]

Calvin Richardson -- We Gon' Love Tonight [HOT!!!]

The Roots -- Tomorrow (w/ Raheem DaVaughn)

Justin Timberlake Gives You a Master Class in Being Justin Timberlake


Happy Mother's Day

If my twin brother, Chris, and I were going to take a special Mother's Day photo, it would pretty much go EXACTLY like this:

Mother's Day - watch more funny videos      



My boy, Nasri, is back with his band and a new single.  Check out their follow up to their mega-hit "Rude".  Here's "Don't Kill The Magic"


Tori Kelly performs an acoustic version of her beautiful song, "Daydream"

I introduced you to Tori sometime in 2013.  She continues to amaze as a songwriter and performer.  Equally amazing... why hasn't this girl got a major label deal yet?

You can support fresh, new, beautiful talent and true songwriting and performing by buying her amazing EP here.


So... Apparently Jhene Aiko has a sister.... her name is Mila J

Here's her new video...

Interesting. Although I'm not a fan of the subject matter. The whole thing has this grown up Aaliyah vibe to it.



SEXYBLACK FIRST LOOK EXCLUSIVE: Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer!!!!

I've been waiting to see just how Michael Bay was going to reboot this franchise without any of it's previous stars.  Check it out:

Yeah.... I'm there.


SEXYBLACK INTRO: August Rigo & Lenny De La Pena

I've had my ear on this cat out of Toronto for a good part of a year.  He has a great sound.  He is out of the T-Dot.  Recently, I've reconnected with my boy, Lenny De La Pena.  Now back in the day, I knew him as one of the sickest choreographers in Toronto.  All achieved through hard work and dedication.  Lenny has transcended once again to become one of the newest, freshest video directors on the scene.  Lenny is a visionary.  He's done a few of August Rigo's videos.  This one features Ricky Tillo (Lady Gaga's guitarist).  It's called "Call My Name" and it is dope as f$ck.  Check it out below:

Look out for hot ish from both of these cats in 2014.

Subscribe to Lenny's YouTube channel here.

Think Like A Man Too Trailer starring Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union & Meagan Good

The first one was good... is the second time a charm?



SNL wants to remind you that February is Black History Month

I'm available for hugs.

Is it me or did SNL just get blacker... and a little better.

Shout out to Michael McDonald & Darryl Hall.


The Best of the 2014 SuperBowl Commercials

So, if you're like me, you watch the Super Bowl for the ads and the Halftime show more than the game.  I can't bring you the Halftime show (yet), but I can bring you the best of the ads.

Let's kick things off with the commercialization of the Matrix.  Kia uses Morpheus to introduce the future of luxury in Kia's "The Truth"

Scarlett Johannsen finally destroys the tyranny of the Coke and Pepsi with this SodaStream spot"

Anna Kendrick's teases what should've been a huge Super Bowl commercial by Newcastle:

SEXYBLACK INTRO: LiV is bringing back the girl group...

I see and hear a lot of TLC and Blaque, and a little Destiny's Child here.  They are definitely a group to  keep your eyes on.  Check out their new single, "LGO" below and let me know what you think...


Reggie Watts' "Get Ready" Music Video

So, I'm just recently learning about Mr. Reggie Watts.  And I'm becoming more and more fascinated the more I see him do his thing.  He is a very weird dude, but has so much soul.  Check out his new video for his soulful "Get Ready" track:


With Pentatonix & The Sing-off bringing Acapella back to the forefront, we can't forget about the group that bridged the gap between Boyz II Men, Take 6, and the best of 90's acapella to the hot new groups of today, they are Naturally 7, and although they seem hard to find, they've actually been Hidden in Plain Sight.  They have spent the last decade touring with Michael Buble, and dropping an album here and there.  They've recently signed with Hidden Beach Records (Jazzy Jeff's label that brought us Jill Scott).  Their new album Hidden in Plain Sight drops later this year, and in case you don't know, here's a sampler below to get you familiar.  Please understand, not one musical instrument was used to create any sound that you are about to hear, it is all their voices.


Great New Video for Zo! feat. Eric Roberson & Phonte -- "We Are On The Move"

Foreign Exchange Music keeps coming correct.  This is a fabulously simple video that has a crazy vibe.  And it's a great song, featuring Eric Roberson and Little Brother & Foreign Exchange's own, Phonte.
Check it out:



So 3 years ago, I saw this amazing action flick out of Indonesia called The Raid:  Redemption.  It is intense action and amazing fight choreography.  It all takes place in a high rise, and it was incredibly creative.

Now, comes the sequel...check it out...

Who's going?



My boy, Nasri, has a band.  They are Magic!  They have already achieved a #1 single.  They are the future.

Get familiar.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Magic!'s lead singer, Nasri... 
...coming soon.