...bringing SEXY blogs back.

...bringing SEXY blogs back.


The guys at Film Cow bring you "Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom" -- The Feature Film

I have been a fan of Film Cow for years.  They brought you "Marshmallow People".  They have a special brand of humour.  With the help of KickStarter, they have produced their first feature film:  Detective Heart of America:  The Final Freedom, starring one of my favourite private dicks, Detective Heart of America.  Yes, this is a feature film and is therefore feature film length, but it is well worth the watch.  If you love it, like I did, don't forget to subscribe to Film Cow.  (NSFW -- language).


SEXYBLACK THROWBACK: Brian McKnight's "Crazy Love"

To celebrate Brian McKnight's announcement of his new album coming in January, I decided to post one of his best singles, to educate some of my new followers who don't know the immense talent that is Brian McKnight.  Check out his incredible version of a Van Morrison classic.
Crazy Love


SEXYBLACK INTRO: Blake Carrington -- Ahh Yeah

So the mandate here is to push quality product.  I've had my eye on this kid, Blake Carrington for awhile.  Blake has mad drive and hustle, and always has positive words for me when I see him in the T-Dot.  Here is his new video for his dope single "Ahh Yeah".  This video has some footage from what can be some slackness that goes on at the Toronto Caribana Parade, so if you don't like Bubblin', overt your eyes, but just listen to the quality lyrics and production on this track from local youngin', Blake Carrington:


SEXYBLACK FIRST LISTEN EXCLUSIVE: Robin Thicke X Nicki Minaj -- Back Together

Sounds fresh... same subject matter as Paula but maybe this time it works.  I can't help but root for the underdog.  What do you think about the track?