...bringing SEXY blogs back.

...bringing SEXY blogs back.



Ladies and Gentlemen, over the years, I have been blogging about one of my best friends, Nasri, who has achieved great things over the last few years.  After helping to revive New Kids On The Block, he has won Grammys writing and producing for Chris Brown and Justin Bieber (along with his partner in crime, Adam Messinger).  Not only is he responsible for Justin Bieber's current single, "As Long As You Love Me", and Chris Brown's new single, "Don't Judge Me", Nasri has finally blessed us with his own single, "You Deserve Better".

I know music.  It's been my life.  It always will be.  When I met Nasri, 12 years ago, he was a crazy, young dude.  We became fast friends with our common love of music, Monopoly, and the ladies, among other things.  He is a genuine soul, a brilliant writer, and one of the best, most unique voices I've heard in years.  Anyone who knows me, knows I have an extensive music collection, and lots of favourites.  Not many people know that Nasri has at least two songs that are in my top 10 of lyrical masterpieces.  If you think you know him from listening to his work with Bieber or Brown, please know that that work is the tip of a VERY deep iceberg.  I've heard amazing songs that he's written for himself and others (like Jojo) over the years that were potent enough to evoke the deepest emotions on first listen.

That being said, I've had my hands on this for a few weeks, and have been dying to show you, but he told me I had to wait for the official release.  Well that is today!!!!  Everyone, I am so proud to present the first video release (since Nasri has gone stateside -- anyway) from Nasri's upcoming EP.  Please enjoy "You Deserve Better".

Also, check out Nasri's new website:  http://nasrionline.com/

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Nasri Bio:

So, Nas also shot the video for "Smooth" last week, so look out for that.  Thanks to everyone for checking this out.



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